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When buying...

Congratulations, you're ready to buy a home, this is going to be fun!.. or at least it should be. 

How to decide which of the hundreds even thousands of listed properties are worth spending the time looking at? When finding a house how to negotiate the best price and terms? And how to know the contract is protecting your best interests? 


You need to have the right professional on your side to help you make sure you're considering properties that not only fit your needs but also don't have undesirable features or a stigmatized history that will come back to haunt you come re-sale time.

Daniel and his team have the experience to help find you the property you're looking for, from viewing properties and negotiating the best price and terms to ensuring the contract and paperwork protect your best interests. 

Email your "wish list" now to get started.

Calgary real estate


Daniel Fach Realty

P: 403.680.4824




"Danny was great in helping me find my first home. Whenever I had any questions or concerns I was responded to quickly and honestly. If I called him, he was always available and always answered. If I wrote an email, it never seemed long at all before I got a response. He was an immense asset in helping me understand a business that I was very unfamiliar with.

Meetings and property viewings were incredibly easy to arrange as Danny is very flexible and prompt in setting up visits.

Upon helping me find the right downtown condo, Danny was able to get me the price I set out to get at the beginning of our negotiations. He delivered on everything I needed, and even the things I didn’t know I needed. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a hardworking, honest, knowledgeable real estate agent."

Ian Mah.

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